Action Logs Settings

Updated 1 year ago

To access the Action Logs settings navigate to your WordPress Dashboard, ATUM Inventory > Settings > ACTION LOGS.


Enable or disable the modules you wish for registering logs automatically. You can select to register logs of the entire module or for some module parts. The following modules are available:

  • WooCommerce
  • ATUM Free
  • ATUM Multi-Inventory
  • ATUM Product Levels
  • ATUM Export Pro
  • ATUM Logs


Select the following options for the Action Logs interface:

  • Show user avatar: If it’s enabled it shows the user avatar in the logs list.
  • Logs per page: It controls the number displayed per page within the Action Logs screen. Please note, you can set this value within the ‘Screen Option’ tab as well.
  • Relatives Dates: If it’s enabled it shows the dates in a relative format, indicating elapsed time.

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