Adding Suppliers and Purchase Prices to Products

Updated 1 year ago

If you have already created suppliers in ATUM, you can assign them to any of your products. You can also add the purchase price to your products. The purchase price is the amount you pay the supplier for the specified product.

To Add a Supplier:

  • In WordPress, go to Products.

  • Click Edit for the product you want to edit.

  • On the Edit Product page, go to Product Data > Inventory.

  • Select the supplier you want to add to the product.

Notice: The system automatically displays suppliers containing the text you enter beneath this field.

  • Enter the supplier’s stock-keeping unit (SKU) in the Supplier’s SKU field.

To add the Purchase Price:

  • Go to Product Data > General.

  • Add the price you pay the supplier for the product in the Purchase price field.

  • To activate changes click Update the product at the top right.

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