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Updated 1 year ago

ATUM’s new dashboard replaces the old ATUM Statistics widget that is displayed in WordPress’ main dashboard.

To view this dashboard, go to ATUM Inventory > Dashboard.

The dashboard contains a number of options, including a link to the Support Forum, a link to documentation, allows you to view and add additional add-ons, and lets you subscribe to the ATUM newsletter.

Get Support

Click Get Support to access our Support Forum where you can post all your issues, bugs, or discussions, if necessary. This is helpful if you need to send us a picture or image of your site for troubleshooting purposes.

View Tutorials

Click View Tutorials to access all user documentation for ATUM.


Click Add-ons to access ATUM’s Add-ons page. This page contains all the add-ons you can add to ATUM, as well as previews for add-ons that we will be adding soon.


If you’d like to subscribe to ATUM’s newsletter, enter your email address in this section and click Subscribe. Our newsletter contains all the latest news and important information about ATUM.

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