How to Write Off an Inventory

Updated 1 year ago

There are two ways to write off an inventory, using single or bulk action:

Using bulk actions:

  • Mark the checkbox to select the inventories you want to write off.NOTICE: 

    The inventory box color for selected items will change to blue.

    You can select all inventories using the Select All Button

  • Chose to Write Off Selected in the Bulk Actions drop-down menu, and click Apply.

  • Click Update to activate product changes.

Using single action:

  • Open the inventory box using the ▼ icon on the right.

  • Click the Remove Inventory icon.

  • A Pop-Up will ask to remove or write off the inventory record, then click on Write Off.

  • Click Update to activate product changes.
You can UN-WRITE Off a previously written off inventory with bulk or single-action by following the same steps.

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