Migrate from Zones to Countries

Updated 1 year ago

If you are using the Zone Restrictions Mode and you want to change from Zone the Countries Restriction Mode, ATUM Multi-Inventory will help you to bulk migrate Zones to Countries to make your life easier.

Example: you have inventories restricted to sell products only in three shipping zones: Shipping Zone1, 2 & 3 and you decide to change to the Countries Restrictions Mode. You can use the Migrate from Zones to Countries Tool.


  • In WordPress admin panel, go to ATUM Inventory > Settings > Tools.

  • In Migrate from Zones to Countries, select the shipping zone to migrate from and select the destination country OR countries.

  • Click Update Now.

Following the above example, let's migrate Shipping Zones 1, 2 & 3 to three countries, Spain, the UK, and France. Here is the setup:

We should repeat this process twice to migrate Zones 2 & 3 to UK and France. Done.

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