Switch from Zones to Zones

Updated 1 year ago

If you are using the Zone Restriction Mode and need to switch zones of the inventories, ATUM Multi-Inventory allows you to do bulk action the change to make your life easier.

Example: you have three different zone restrictions in your inventories: Shipping Zone 1, Shipping Zone 2 and Shipping Zone 3; and you have assigned this shipping zones restriction to a lot of inventories. Now you want to delete the Shipping Zone 3 and need to attach their inventories to the Shipping Zone 2. Got you covered there :-). You can do it easily with the tool called Switch from Zones to Zones .


For this tool to appear in the settings, remember to activate the Country Restriction Mode!
  • In WordPress admin panel, go to ATUM Inventory > Settings > Tools.

  • In Switch from Zones to Zones, select the shipping zone to switch from and select the destination shipping zone.

  • Click Update Now.

The example above would look like this

After confirming the Update Now button the process will run, and all the inventories with the Shipping Zone 3 will change to Shipping Zone 2.

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