The Multi-Inventory data fields

Updated 1 year ago

Each inventory within a Multi-Inventory product has the following data fields:

  • Inventory Name: The name of the inventory record.

  • Region: Add selling region restrictions to the inventory.

    This field is only available when the Region Restriction Mode is enabled on ATUM Settings.
  • Location: Add the inventory location (warehouse placement). You can select from locations created in Products > ATUM Locations.

  • Inventory Date: Set the inventory creation date.

    This date will be automatically added when creating a new inventory.
  • BBE Date: Set the Best Before End date for the inventory (Called as well Expiry Date or Use By Date in other countries).

  • Priority: The inventory selling priority number with 0 (Zero) being the default inventory.

  • LOT/Batch: Add a LOT/Batch number for the inventory.

  • SKU: Add your company's SKU reference for the inventory.

  • Manage Stock: Enable or disable the management at product level option for the inventory.

  • Stock Quantity: Set the stock quantity for the inventory.

  • Allow Backorders: Set backorders options (Do not allow, Allow or Allow but notify customer) for the inventory.

  • Sold Individually: Enable or disable sold individually option for the inventory.

  • Supplier: Add the inventory supplier.

  • Supplier’s SKU: Add the inventory supplier's SKU.

  • Regular price: Add the inventory regular selling price.

  • Sale price: Add the inventory sale price.

  • Purchase price: Add the inventory purchase price.

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