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EDD - Variable license expiration dates add-on is an effective solution to optimize the license key management, working as a complement of Recurring Payments and Software License plugins by Easy Digital Downloads.

The thing is that these two add-ons seem not to work together correctly. So the problem comes when a user buys a license with a quarterly renewal, but the license has a whole year validity, for example, which is incoherent.

We understand that as a website owner, you shouldn't have to worry about these mishaps; You need to focus your efforts on what matters to you: your digital business.

With EDD - Variable License Expiration Dates it will be possible.

Next, we explain the main three features of this add-on.

1. Choose the validity period of the license

With EDD - Variable license expiration dates feature; you can choose the license length so that you can limit it to specific days, weeks, months, or years.

Due to the license's prices depending on its recurrency, for each price, you can set a license duration. To set the validity period of the license, go to the left menu and click on Downloads > All Downloads.

You will find all the downloads. Here is where you enter a plugin with subscriptions activated.

Once inside the add-on, go to the Download Prices field. In the price ID in which you want to edit the License settings, click on 'Show Advanced Settings'

Next, a new section will be displayed. If you select limited license length, you will be able to edit for how long license keys will be valid. It can be an X number of days, weeks, months, or years.

Update the page to save the changes.

2. Adjust license expiration dates

Use this tool to adjust all the foregoing licenses bought before installing EDD - Variable License Expiration Dates. All the license expiring dates will adapt and will take the value of the next payment date.

To adjust license expiration dates, go to the left menu and click on Downloads > Tools, and find the 'Variable License Expiration Dates - Adjust License Expiration Dates' field.

Set the Expiry Days Value. In this case, in 17 days licenses bought before installing EDD - Variable License Expiration Dates will expire. Click on 'Set License Expiration Days' to save changes.

It means that for the licenses that should be expired but are still active, you can set the expiration date to Expire days from now to allow renewal emails to be sent.

We recommend using this feature only once.

3. Now you can cancel licenses

EDD - Variable license expiration dates add-on allows you to cancel a license at the time you make a refund. To cancel licenses, go to the left menu and click on Downloads > Payment history.

Get into the customer that needs his/her license to be canceled. Click on the 'View order details' button.

On the right, find the Update Payment field. Change status to Refund and then click on Cancel License.

Click on the ‘Save Payment’ button to save changes.

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