How to change the Payment Method for an add-on subscription

Updated 1 year ago

To change the payment method for your add-on subscription you should cancel the subscription and extend it using another payment method. You can do it just with a few steps:

  • Go to and Log In with your account details.

  • Once you logged in, go to your user profile and select My Licenses.

  • Open an addon details section and click Cancel Subscription.
If you have several addon subscriptions never mind what license you cancel because all the licenses will be updated to the new payment method.

  • The system will ask you to verify the cancellation, click ”Yes, cancel it!”.

  • Now your subscription is canceled, and you have to Extend it to change the payment method.
A new payment will be applied to extend your license. We recommend you wait for the current license expiration date to extend it. We will send you a reminder email.
  • Open the addon details section and click Extend License.

  • Complete the checkout details and select the Payment Method you wish.

If you have other addon subscriptions will also be updated for the new Payment Method selected.

  • Check and accept the Privacy Policy and click Purchase to activate the subscription with the new Payment Method selected.

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